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Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

A professional teeth cleaning and polishing is necessary to eliminate the dental problems such as gum disease, cavity, sensitivity, and tooth loss. To experience the best teeth cleaning you can visit us at Nirvan’s dental clinic.

Who needs a teeth cleaning? How do I know if I need a teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure. We advise our patients for a regular teeth cleaning every 6 months to 1 year. Other than that, anyone with a stained teeth, bad breath or bleeding gums should immediately get a teeth cleaning done. If you are facing any of these conditions, it indicates that you need a teeth cleaning as early as possible.

What causes stained teeth?

The main reason behind stained teeth is improper brushing of teeth. Sometimes, even after brushing twice a day, the teeth look yellowish or has stains! It might be because of the improper brushing technique. If you do not follow the proper way to brush your teeth, you can get stains. Stains can also be present on our teeth due to the food we eat or maybe the water we use. Tea, coffee, cigarette smoking and water with a large amount of iron are the main reasons for stained teeth. Now, whatever be the reason, there is no need to worry. We are there to clean your teeth and make it look bright and white.

What is the procedure to get a teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is known as an oral prophylaxis or a scaling. It is done in one or two appointment by means of an ultrasonic scaler. An ultrasonic scaler is a machine designed only for scaling. It has metal tips and works on vibratory motion. The vibrations help to remove the stains and calculus present on the tooth surface and the gums.

Does teeth cleaning cause any teeth damage?

Teeth cleaning is done by ultrasonic scalers which are specifically designed for oral prophylaxis. They do not cause any teeth damage. It is a general notion that a teeth cleaning causes damage to the enamel of the teeth. But it is not at all true. It is completely safe. In fact, it is a routine dental procedure. We advise all our patients to get an oral prophylaxis done every six months to maintain their oral health.